We're drilling contractors, in particular, quarry drilling contractors, and the reason our services have proved so successful is down to the latest high performanace drilling technologies that we deploy in our drilling services, coupled with our thorough understanding of quarry management and blast design.

We have a great breadth of experience in all aspects of civil construction and mining. Our competent administration support team with their with their range of industry skills help manage documentation, safety as well as back office functions. Prestige Civil and Mining Services brings to civil construction a commitment to quality and a capacity to work with clients in delivering production time and according to specifications. This commitment carries through all processes and procedures implemented by our highly qualified personnel.

We operate in some 30 quarries, Prestige Civil and Mining Services is one of the leading drilling contractors in Ghana.

    Why Choose Us

  • Drilling contractors with expert knowledge in the field.
  • We address environment concerns in our practices
  • Highly trained personnel
  • Reduced oversize - less secondary breaking
  • Lower overall cost of production